Topic outline

  • General

    Watch the videos below for more details on:

    • accessing your student email account,
    • forwarding emails from your student account to another email address,
    • using OneDrive,
    • using the Office 365 Web Apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and
    • downloading your FREE Office 365 software to your home computer/Mac.

    Printable Email Guides - Pictorial guides are below the videos - these may be downloaded or printed for future reference,
    simply click on the guide to open it, then click on the appropriate Adobe icon at the bottom of the viewing pane. 

    Logging in to your Student Email Account Set up Forwarding Emails from your Student Email Account
    Using Microsoft OneDrive and the Office Web Apps

    How to Download your FREE Office 365 Suite to your own PC or Mac via your student email account