How to log into the network and change passwords



Your username and password will allow you to log onto any computer on the College network.

Your unique Student ID number is your username, and you set your own password when you first log-on.

You will also use this username and password to access Moodle, etracker, Planet eStream and the Library Catalogue

It is important to create a secure password that no-one else knows to stop anyone else gaining access to your files.


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Scroll through the presentation on the right to to see a step-by-step guide to logging onto the College computers

Key Facts
  • Your username is your Student ID number
  • Change your password using the College computers. Remember that changing it for the computers, also changes it for the printers, Moodle, Planet eStream, eTracker and the Library Catalogue
  • If you forget your password ask at the Library Reception Desk or the ICT Support Desk to have it reset.

Find Out More

PDF version of How to Log into the Network

For information and help with creating a secure password check out Get Safe Online


Library: First Floor, Macaulay Building

ICT Support: 4th Floor, Macaulay Building

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