Printing, Copying and Scanning in College


If you want to print your College work, do photocopying, or scan your documents then use the printer/copier machines found around the College to do this. There are two machines available for use in the Library.

At the start of the academic year you are provided with £20 worth of printing credits. You can use these credits for printing and photcopying.

Single page in black & white = 2p

Double-sided black & white = 3p

Single page in colour = 6p

Double-sided colour = 9p

You can also scan your documents and choose who you email them to. This will not take any credits as it does not use any paper or ink.


Watch the Presentation

Scroll through the presentation on the right to to see a step-by-step guide to printing, copying and scanning in College.

Key Facts
  • Printing can be done in black and white, or in colour
  • Printing can be done in A4 or A3
  • You can collect your printing from any of these machines. The print jobs are only released by you once you are at the machine.
  • You use your Student ID cards to access the printing/copying/scanning functions on the machine

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Library: First Floor, Macaulay Building

ICT Support: 4th Floor, Macaulay Building

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