Accessing College WiFi

Connecting the to College WiFi

At Somer Valley Campus:

  • Connect your device's WiFi to BC-BYOD and enter 'collegenet' as the password
  • Log in with your College username and password

At City Centre Campus

  • Connect your device's WiFi to COBC-Wireless
  • Log in with your College username and password

Accessing Secure Websites over the College WiFi

In order to access secure websites using the College WiFi it is necessary to install and trust a certificate file.

Please click on the picture for your device below for instructions on installing the certificate (opens in a new browser tab):


Operating System Devices
Android Android Phones / Tablets Chromebook (Chrome OS)
Apple iOS iPhones & iPads


(Safari Browser)


(Firefox Browser)

Windows Windows Phones

Windows Laptops & Tablets

(Internet Explorer Browser - Do not use Edge browser!)

Windows Laptops & Tablets

(Firefox Browser)

For other devices:

The certificate file can be downloaded from here

Copy the following link address if you wish to email or send a link to the certificate:

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