• General

    Connecting to the College WiFi

    • Connect your device's WiFi to COBC-Wireless
    • Log in with your College username and password

    To log out of the College WiFi:  Click Here

    Accessing Secure Websites over the College WiFi

    In order to access secure websites using the College WiFi it is necessary to install and trust a certificate file.

    Please click on the picture for your device below for instructions on installing the certificate (opens in a new browser tab):


    Operating System Devices
    Android Android Phones / Tablets Chromebook (Chrome OS)
    Apple iOS iPhones & iPads


    (Safari Browser)


    (Firefox Browser)

    Windows Windows Phones

    Windows Laptops & Tablets

    (Internet Explorer / Edge Browsers)

    Windows Laptops & Tablets

    (Firefox Browser)

    For other devices:

    The certificate file can be downloaded from here

    Copy the following link address if you wish to email or send a link to the certificate:

    Bath College will soon be launching eduroam

    Eduroam Logo